Kate Goede

With over 25 years of practicing as a structural engineer, I still love to get feedback from contractors and other professionals about my work. I don’t like wasting these opportunities to get a better finished product or to improve the process and practicality. 

I’m also not afraid to crawl under buildings or climb through an attic to better understand the existing conditions of a structure.

Making assumptions about an existing condition will often waste time and energy.

With a BS degree in Structural Engineering from UC San Diego, I’ve worked in San Diego, San Francisco and now Sonoma County with many different design elements including concrete, steel, glass and of course wood. I’ve also done some specialty design with aluminum and fiberglass pods.

The industry is always evolving with new developments in materials and applications, and I find that refreshing. I enjoy working with artists and designing in and for difficult environments.

In addition to working with artists, I love viewing art installations, especially sound and lighting, glass design, concrete forms, and public art.

In my free time, I take satisfaction from starting and sometimes finishing home improvements, along with attempts at baking, knitting, and spinning yarn.

Whatever the type of jobs, from design of coastal and river flood loads to building risk analysis and from commercial to residential new building and remodel, I enjoy working with people and solving problems to create a successful and efficient final product.

Projects Include:

 The Livery on Main, Sebastopol
 Friedlander Remodel, Sebastopol
 Lateer ADU, Sebastopol

 Tenderloin Museum, San Francisco
 Performing Arts Arena, Europe
 Spero Remodel, Sebastopol
 Kawaja Remodel, Sebastopol

As of January 1, 2024, Builders Studio is now Thrive Design Collective,
a Division of Thrive Construction Group.
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