Greg Beale

I found my love for inventing, creating, designing, and building from a young age. From selling vegetables at a stand in front of my house and designing and building expansive tree forts, I developed as a natural creator and entrepreneur early.

The power of community is at the heart of all my business models, and Builders Studio is no exception. True success, to me, is empowering others to find their strengths by supporting and giving back to the community. 

After graduating, my knack for envisioning and anticipating the intersections of building and design prompted me to create a business that I ran out of my apartment. I spent my days building while supplementing income by drafting at night. With time, I saw the benefit of using my skills as a drafter in combination with construction knowledge as I remodeled homes. This multidisciplinary approach became the basis for my future endeavors as my business grew beyond solo entrepreneurship into the family of companies I’m happy to lead today.

Our other family of companies include The Beale Group, Thrive Construction Group, and Farm To Coast Collective.

The Beale Group is the engine that runs in the background to drive businesses forward.

Thrive creates or remodels homes that uniquely reflect one’s individual lifestyle while being in harmony with the environment. Thrive blends tradition and innovation, artistry, craftsmanship and functionality into one cohesive expression.

Farm To Coast aims to support talented West County entrepreneurs while creating a go-to, comfortable, versatile space for business and community in the heart of downtown Sebastopol.

As always, I truly believe that individuals can find success when empowered by those around them.

As of January 1, 2024, Builders Studio is now Thrive Design Collective,
a Division of Thrive Construction Group.
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