Amanda Claire Brummé

I love towers, but I’m scared of heights. I’m fascinated with old castles and also revel in modern design.

I love to travel and consider my laptop a remote office all over the world. I crunch numbers in my spare time, and also read and hike. I enjoy cooking and try to replicate the dishes I learned from working at Paul Prudhomme’s restaurant, K-Paul’s, in New York City. I’m very organized, but not tidy.

I believe in efficiency and practicality, with a few good splurges on the things that make it all worth it.

With seven years of higher education (Tulane University and the University of Pennsylvania) and nearly 30 years as an architect, my most crucial professional experience has been designing and building my own home.

There’s nothing like living in the garage for a couple of years to make you appreciate every step of the process and to really understand what’s good, what’s bad, and what the hold ups are.

I’ve worked on all types and styles of buildings from beach cottages in Bali to 32 story bank office buildings to bathroom remodels.

The last twenty years, I’ve concentrated on designing new homes and remodeling older homes, with a few small wineries in the mix, just for good measure.

Every new project is a new story unfolding with a new location, new characters, and a new idea.

Or sometimes, it’s just a quick remodel to make the plan work better.

I can’t think of anything I’d rather be doing, or a better group with which to do it.

Projects Include:

 KSVY Radio Station Tennant Improvement in Sonoma
 Little Winery in Glen Ellen
 School House Plaza / Brutucoa Winery in Hopland
 Sun Newspaper Building Addition in Sonoma
 Mary’s Pizza Shack Additions in Santa Rosa
 Jack London Village in Glen Ellen
 Art Studio in Maui, Hawaii
 King Center Health Club and Apartments, Singapore Permata Hijau Condominiums in Jakarta, Indonesia
 Batu Belig Beach Cottages in Bali, Indonesia
 Ranchamaya Country Club in Bogor, Indonesia
 Meeks Residence, Vineburg
 Ferron Residence, Mill Valley


 Drake Residence, Sonoma
 Arntz Residence, Sonoma
 Kweller Residence, Glen Ellen
 Xi Residence, Sonoma
 Bell Residence, Mill Valley
 Harader Residence, Petaluma
 Berg Residence, Santa Rosa
 Nolan Residence, Petaluma
 Orchard Residence, Cotati
 Nebb Residence, Petaluma
 Avery Residence, Windsor
 Irvine Residence, Glen Ellen
 Simoneau Residence, Windsor