Gregory Beale, Founder & CEO

Heading up the Studio, Greg is the consummate magician and visionary. He constantly amazes us with his ability to effectively manage the ongoing business operations while simultaneously envisioning, developing and communicating our future growth. Holding a degree in construction management with an emphasis in architectural project management, followed by over 20 years in design, drafting and construction, his experience as both general contractor and project manager allows him to skillfully guide clients, office and work crews toward realizing the best possible outcomes. He relishes tackling the complexity of the many moving parts of each project, thoroughly analyzing each obstacle and opportunity, and connecting the pieces together as a complete and successful plan.

Work and play are one and the same for Greg, but the time he spends with his wife, young children and extended family is what he holds dearest to his heart. Always emphasizing the fun to be found along the way, he enjoys time shared with friends on the golf course and in the surf.